Case Studies

Every product on this website is designed, not only to give you the best theoretical knowledge, but also to support it with original and unique case studies.

Detailed Explanations

Observing children’s drawings and finding hidden meanings becomes easy when you know what to look for. We thoroughly explain every drawing and subject.

Proven Methodology

Learning is simple when it’s based on clear and structured methodology, which takes many drawn elements and graphic indicators and puts them together.

Learning Program

Our learning program is based on a few easy steps that will make you an expert in interpreting children’s drawings. First, reading ‘The Complete Guide to Children’s Drawings’ will familiarize you with about 250 case studies, which are mainly focused on how things look from the family perspective. Next, you’ll practice the learned material using the Course Workbook. Finally, our supervision service will enable you to consult me before meeting the parents in order to give them the best solutions, based on their child’s drawings.