Private Consultation

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Private Consultation

“Had they told me I could improve my child’s life so easily, I would never have believed”

More and more parents have come to appreciate drawings as a valuable source of information about their children’s personality, the difficulties they experience and effective solutions, all within a relatively short time and at an affordable cost.

Parents and educators are amazed to discover how children’s drawings accurately reflect their situation in life and point to much needed solutions – from low self-image and dependency through social difficulties to fears and distress.

Your child’s drawings shed light on various aspects of his psychological condition and, just as important, on the talents hidden within him and how to maximize his potential.

The diagnostic review includes:

  • A comprehensive opinion on your child’s situation, covering the following aspects:
    • Emotional – temper tantrums, power struggles, obesity, attitude, fears, etc.
    • Social – popularity/rejection, relations with parents and siblings
    • Cognitive – first-grade preparedness, stress and anxiety at school, emotional coping with ADHD or learning disabilities
    • Identifying talents and strengths
  • Individualized approach – A personal service, with emphasis on your questions and concerns
  • Causes – analyzing the reasons for your child’s behaviors
  • Solutions – practical, customized suggestions you and your child can easily apply at home and in school
  • Recommendations – parental tools to improve the emotional dialog with the child and a variety of experiential tools for the child, including suggestions for afternoon activities suitable for his talents
  • Alternatives – Referrals for emotional therapy, if deemed necessary

Common questions:

What age levels are appropriated for drawing analysis?

Children’s drawings may be interpreted from age two upwards. Nevertheless, most of our analyses involve drawings of children aged four to twelve.

In what cases should I send my child’s drawings for analysis?

Children’s drawing analysis is appropriate whenever you as a parent find yourself wondering why your child behaves in a particular way. This includes common, normative situations that occur in many families, such as difficulties in sibling relations, bedwetting, kindergarten or school problems, aggression, and discipline problems. It also includes more difficult situations having to do with significant life events such as divorce, relocation, disease in the family, suspected abuse, adoption, or the birth of a little brother or sister.

What kind of drawings should I send you?

Any drawing freely made by the child is appropriate. Gouache painted drawings, and coloring pages are inappropriate since they cannot provide significant, accurate indicators.

How long will it take me to receive your review?

In most cases, we will send you a written review within four business days. We’ll let you know if additional drawings or clarifications are required.

Can I send you drawings even if my child has no specific difficulty?

Most certainly. You can send us your child’s drawings to get to know him better, to improve relations in the family and identify talents and recommended afternoon activities.

Here is what one of our customers had to say about the review:  

“Dear Michal, Several months have passed since I sent you my daughter’s drawings and we had our private consultation. In the meantime, we underwent a few more diagnostics by various professionals, as well as integration boards. Every time I read the results of these tests or the comments written by these boards, I’m amazed to discover how accurate and effective your review was, based on her drawings! You helped us tremendously in our journey towards a better quality of life, so please accept my deepest appreciation and thanks.” Miki Eshda

“Hi Michal, Thank you for your excellent detailed report. It gave us very valuable information. We will take care of your recommendations which are appropriate for our son.  I must admit that I got more info than expected and you replied to all my questions… :-)”  Best regards,  Serap Kirkit Kaynak


All you have to do is to collect your child’s drawings and e-mail them to us.

Here are some things you must take into account before sending us your child’s drawings:

  • Send at least 10 different drawings
  • The drawings can be in any subject
  • Allowed drawing tools: Crayons, markers and pencil
  • Write the approximate date in which the drawing was made on the page itself
  • In case the child is willing to name human figures, write their names next to them
  • We recommend that you send at least one drawing of the child’s siblings
  • We also recommend sending the parents’ hand-writing – free writing on any subject, on A4 paper


Children’s drawings provide invaluable information. Through drawings you may discover your child’s condition in different mental aspects, as well as his hidden talents. Help your child with any issue, and do so effectively, with a few easy and friendly steps.


Correspondence by e-mail, based on drawings you will send in advance.

Please send your child’s drawings to

The written review will be sent to you within 4 business days.

We also offer you 30-day personal support for any question you may have.

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