The Complete Guide to Children’s Drawings

Need-to-Know Manual

Want to know how to read your children’s drawings?

Many parents glance at their children’s drawings and beyond well-meant compliments and encouragement, are simply clueless regarding the insights hidden within them and the clues they can offer them about their children’s inner world.

Children’s drawings provide a rare glimpse into children’s minds. Characteristics such as colors, shapes, and graphic style provide indications to your child’s character and talents, as well as difficulties he may be experiencing, perhaps unknown to you.

This book will teach you

  • Tools to understand children’s drawings in different age levels
  • How to use drawings to find the reasons for issues troubling many parents
  • To understand the emotional basis for the child’s behaviors
  • Before-and-after processes – changes in drawings following psychotherapy or parental guidance
  • Customized solutions you can apply at home, based on your own drawing analysis

In this book you will also find answers to important questions such as:

  • How to identify artistic talent in areas such as music, painting or drama?
  • Why does your child draw human figures without arms?
  • Do monster drawings indicate fears?
  • What happens to your child at kindergarten or school? Is he happy there?
  • What are some of the indicators of distress in children’s drawings and handwritings?
  • How can you better understand the way your child will cope with significant changes in the family, such as the birth of a new sibling, relocation or divorce?
  • Why does your child use mainly black, and what do colors mean in drawings?
  • What is the truth behind some of the common myths associated with children’s drawings?

The book is written in a straightforward, parent-friendly language that will appeal to you even if you do not have any psychological background.

Many parents report significant improvement in their relationship with their children and the general family atmosphere, now that they better understand the drawings. This book can be your first step.


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Softcover: 302 pages

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