Introductory Course

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Introductory Course

What hidden meanings does your child’s drawings include?

One of the most magical moments in parenting is when your child shares a new and fascinating discovery with you. Together with the child, you too are excited to see an entire world of scents, tastes, colors and shapes we have all but forgotten over the years.

Children’s drawings reveal similar experiences. Each drawing is the starting point of a journey led by the child as an explorer. This course offers you the opportunity to join this unique journey and understand your child’s world from his own point of view.

Course purpose

This user-friendly video based course will show you how to use children’s drawings to understand their inner self and help them achieve personal growth.

Course content

The course includes dozens of colorful examples of children’s drawings accompanied by explanations designed to help you understand your child’s drawings and the meaning of many of their elements.

This course will teach you:

  • Basic principles of interpreting house, tree and human figure drawings
  • How to understand your child’s character by observing the colors in his drawings
  • Whether drawings of combat scenes and monsters indicate distress
  • Why girls prefer to draw hearts and what it means when boys do it
  • How to know how your experiences you as a parent, and the nature of the relations in the family
  • Typical characteristics of drawings by children who have experienced divorce
  • How drawings reflect children’s reactions to the birth of a little sibling
  • How physical abuse may be revealed through drawings
  • How to assess first-grade preparedness
  • The characteristics of twin drawings and how they can help you cope with the challenges involved in parenting twins
  • When genitals in children’s drawings may be considered age-appropriate and when they indicate possible sexual abuse

Course advantages

  • Parenthood

    The course is for parents who really want to better understand their children, and is therefore designed to provide you with effective insights based on analyzing real-life drawings

  • Communication

    Understanding your child’s inner world through his drawings will enable you to improve your communication and facilitate positive change in his life

  • Starting point

    The course will give you the first guidelines in interpreting children’s drawings, leading the way to further training in this fascinating field

Course Delivery

After purchasing the course you will be issued a personal password that will allow you to access the course webpage and watch the series of video lessons. You will be able to view the course at any time, at your own pace.

Learning method: This course is delivered 100% online

Course duration: 50 minutes.

Support: We offer you 30-day personal support for any question you may have.

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