Will I know how to analyze drawings after watching the course?

Absolutely! Each lesson included in the expert course will provide you with simple, yet effective tools that will help you analyze various elements in children’s drawings. I recommend integrating the knowledge acquired in all lessons to achieve the knowhow required to diagnose drawings professionally and responsibly.

Which hands-on tools do I get?

You get great tools that will enable you to interpret every drawing a child makes. Some tools are related to meanings of elements in the child’s drawings, while other relate to graphic indicators. Eventually, these tools will help you interpret any drawing made by 2 year-old children and above.

What are the advantages of learning with us?

As a student of our center, you enjoy the following advantages:
(1) Learning is methodical and easy to understand; (2) The material – drawings and explanations – is rich and comprehensive; (3) The costs are affordable and you have special cost-effective packages to choose from; (4) The course contains answers to professional frequently asked questions; (5) You get online support for 3 months; (6) We offer a Course Graduate Certificate.

Is there an instructor available to answer questions?

Yes. I believe that the course is designed in a professional and educational way. The course is self-paced, according to your own capability. In addition, we recommend you use the workbook, which includes dozens of additional examples for review that will help you understand the material better. If you still have a question regarding the content of the course, you are welcome to contact us.

Are there any additional costs?

No. Once you order a product, it will be either sent to you by mail (no extra charge) or you will be grated access to download the file. However, if you wish to receive a Course Completion Certificate after meeting all course requirements, there will be an additional processing/ shipping/ handling charge.

What is your refund policy?

As convenient, efficient, and effective as learning has proven itself to be, I realize that it does not suit everyone. Because learning is fun and challenging, I recommend you read the free e-book to get an idea about my expertise, prior to purchasing any product. Accordingly, our policy is that all fees related to the purchased products or services are non-refundable.

Can I interpret a child‘s drawing without his verbal output? Isn’t it a vital part of the analytic process?

During the last 15 years, I have been guiding art therapists and art teachers, who found children’s drawings useful to their work. In all my classes, the dialogue with the child is considered a significant part of the learning process. Nevertheless, there are cases in which a child cannot express himself in words or is not understood by his parents and educators. In such cases, interpretation of the child’s drawings helps us reveal his general condition and the reasons for his behavior

How should children’s drawings point us to the right educational approach?

My approach to interpreting children’s drawings emphasizes their subjective and unique point of view. Hence, I prefer not to use one-size-fits-all educational and behavioral solutions. Instead, I teach how to use drawings to shed light on internal psyche conflicts and the coping powers available to the child.

Is there strong evidence in the way of empirical studies on this subject?

You bet! The field of children’s drawings has been researched for some decades now, leading to significant conclusions. In addition, in the course of my clinical work I have interpreted thousands of drawings made by children of various ages, who had experienced a variety of difficulties. The conclusions of these interpretations are integrated into the innovative methods I will share with you during the Expert Course.

Consultation and Supervision

Can I send you any type of drawing as a basis for your interpretation?

Yes, you can send any drawing, in any subject. It is possible to interpret drawings made by 2 year-old children and above. I advise to send drawings made with crayons, markers and pencils, because they provide more emotional meanings about the child.

What can I discover from my child’s drawings?

Children’s drawings provide invaluable information on their personality. In the report, you get a detailed review of your child in many life aspects such as:

  • How to identify his talents, like: music, painting and theater.
  • Is your child really happy in kindergarten / school?
  • How can you prepare your child for the upcoming change (new sibling, relocation, divorce)?
  • How does your child feel in terms of self-confidence and self esteem?
  • Does he have social interactions difficulties? Why?
  • How does your child feel about his family members and about his place in his family?

In the report you will receive, in addition to insights regarding his social, emotional and cognitive condition also a list of specific recommendations and extra-curriculum classes that are suitable for your child, based on his personality traits, as concluded from the analysis of his drawings.

How is the consultation made?

Simple. You send me the child’s drawings and the written review will be sent to you by e-mail within a few days.

What else do I need to add to my child’s drawings?

You can also send me some issues that are bothering you, so I’ll be able to give my recommendations. In addition, you may add your child’s siblings drawings to receive a comprehensive review of the family.

Is there someone available to answer questions?

Yes. I believe that my written review is designed in a professional and educational way. If you still have a question regarding the content of the Online Courses, you are welcome to contact us.

What is the minimum amount of drawings required?

A standard analysis requires at least 10 drawings. I usually recommend parents to send me 25 drawings, made in different environments and with various drawing tools. If possible, collect drawings that were made during a 3 months period or more. This way, the analysis will have a solid basis, which will enable me to reach valid conclusions about your child.

Are there any special instructions that I should be aware of before sending the drawings?

Please follow these instructions:

  • Upload at least 10 different drawings
  • The drawings can be in any subject
  • Allowed drawing tools: Crayons, markers and pencil
  • Write the approximate date in which the drawing was made on the page itself
  • In case the child is willing to name human figures, write their names next to them.
  • The uploaded files formats can be .jpg, .gif or .png
  • We recommend that you upload at least one drawing of the child’s siblings. We also recommend uploading the parents’ hand-writing – free writing on any subject, on A4 paper.
  • Options for capturing your child’s drawings and saving it:  Scanner – Resolution 300 DPI; Digital camera; Smartphone

Please keep it sharp and enlarged as possible

Need help? Contact us

How long will it take until I receive the written review?

Usually it takes 4 business days to complete the review. I recommend collecting as many drawings as possible prior to ordering the consultation.

Do you recommend on a periodic checkup for my child?

Absolutely, because children develop over the years and they are often faced with new issues. A child who was popular in kindergarten can have social difficulties at school and as a result have lower self esteem or grades. Similarly, a parent may report on emotional or even physical issues, which are actually caused by cognitive pressure due to overload at school. Therefore, I would recommend you send your child’s drawings to interpretation at least once a year to follow his progress.

Is Children’s Drawings Analysis a substitute for therapy?

I believe that analyzing children’s drawings is no substitute for professional therapy. The analysis of drawings is a preliminary tool designed to provide parents, teachers and anyone interested in this field with an overview of the child’s emotional, social and cognitive state. Analyzing children’s drawings can also reveal talents and strengths. That having been said, I recommend psychotherapy when indicated, whether clinical, art, drama or any other kind.


What will I be able to learn from this book?

In ‘The Complete Guide to Children’s Drawings’ you are offered the opportunity to understand the child’s world from his distinct perspective. This book presents hundreds of fascinating examples of children’s drawings that I have collected from various places around the world. Many parenting issues such as: ADHD, fears, family relationships, divorce and social functioning are clearly illustrated through drawings.

Is the book available also in color?

Yes. Color is an important factor in children’s drawings. Therefore, we offer a color version of the book on Amazon.com.

Is the book’s content different than the course content?

Yes. The book presents different case studies and drawings than the ones which appear in the expert course. The methodology used is also different – The book is categorized based on common parenting subjects, which are manifested in drawing, but the course focuses on professional technical analysis of drawings.

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