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See You Around

Inspirational cards for empowerment and transformation

See You Around cards are designed to promote self-development and self-awareness processes in the personal, marital, family and career areas – in fact, in any area in life where you would like to achieve significant progress.

These See you around cards are your first step on the way there. They offer an opportunity for frank and open conversation about your dreams and a chance to make them come true.

Let’s Start

Inside the box, you will find words that shape reality, statements that strengthen and empower in times of crisis and messages that facilitate real change. These messages and questions are based on clinical experience and designed to enrich the conversation and open up new directions for thought.

The kit includes:

  • 69 dialogue cards for empowerment and change with thought-provoking oil paintings
  • 10 colorful mandala cards for personal development through colors
  • A selection of emotional working models based on C.G. Jung’s psychoanalytic theory
  • Over 200 questions to enrich the self-awareness dialogue

Join Us

The therapeutic models and related questions enable effective work as part of:

  • Emotional Therapy – Psychologists, social workers, family therapists, art therapists
  • Educational Support – Teachers, counselors and educators.
  • Coaching – Family and couple counseling, personal and business coaching
  • And among your family and friends

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