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Scribbling is the first step in the graphic expression process, and in that it is akin to the babbling which precedes speech among infants. Although scribbling is a preliminary experience, children who scribble soon begin to develop personal preferences and show a clear desire to produce diverse and interesting artwork. During this stage, the child […]

Parenting Skills

How understanding children’s drawings can improve your parenting skills One of the most charming moments in parenting is when your child shares a new and fascinating discovery with you. Together with the child, you too are excited to see a tiny beetle resting on a green leaf, sand dunes that have instantly become giant slides, and […]

Learning disabilities

Learning disability is a general term which refers to a group of disorders manifested by significant difficulties with listening, speaking, reading, writing, conceptualization and mathematical abilities. These disorders are internal and are attributed to neurological and genetic factors. Learning disability is the most common disorder in the educational system. A student will be diagnosed with […]

Spoiled Children

The term “spoil” has dual meanings in English, both positive (coddle) and negative (impair). This duality also exists in the behavioral aspect: on the one hand, spoiling is a natural and important part of every parent-child relationship, as it makes a child feel loved and at the center of attention, which is an important emotion […]

Child Socialization

Some say that from the very moment a baby is born, some babies demonstrate better developed social skills. Every parent enjoys watching how her children form significant social bonds and surround themselves with peers who appreciate their company. Every parent enjoys watching his children laugh and play with their friends. One of the things parents […]

Childhood Fears

“Mommy, I’m scared!” – sounds familiar? Fear is a natural mechanism designed to ensure survival. A child who’s not afraid can easily find himself in dangerous situations. Having said that, some children do get scared too easily, and some of their fears are not necessarily related to reality, but rather to their fantasy world. Every […]

First grade skills

Is your child ready for first grade? Is he equipped with the right skills that will enable him to start school successfully?  Children’s drawings are an effective and easy-to-use tool to identify whether the child is mature enough to enter first grade from any aspect – cognitive, social and emotional – or whether he still […]

Moving with Children

With most families, the decision to move is made by the parents, usually out of economic considerations. The move is not always convenient for their children in terms of its emotional or social timing. Analyzing drawings in such cases provides insight into the child’s emotional status in the period leading up to the move, and […]

Children in Crisis

Child development, which is associated with biological and emotional changes in children’s lives, has been studied over the years as part of psychological research. According to a model we developed, a child’s mind is made of several concentric and inter-balanced layers. Each layer has a unique role and when one of the layers fails, the entire system becomes imbalanced and […]

Children with behavioral problems

Children’s behavioral problems have a direct effect on their family life, as well on their parents’ feelings and behavior. In daily life, parents of such children make great efforts to achieve their educational goals, but are often unsuccessful, because their children do not keep to the social boundaries set to them by their parents. Special […]