Children Drawing Center is an international center for children’s drawing analysis. The center was established to provide professionals and parents, from all over the world, with updated and comprehensive knowledge about children’s drawings.

For those who seek professional help, based on individual interpretation of children’s drawings, we offer expert reviews of the drawings and a written summary about the child’s personality, difficulties and strengths.

Michal WimmerMichal Wimmer, M.A,  is an art therapist and a well-known international expert on children’s drawings analysis. She is the author of The Complete Guide to Children’s Drawings. She has over 18 years of experience supporting families with children (aged 2-18) with emotional and social difficulties using their drawings.

Michal is also the founder of an advanced studies program, introducing social workers, psychologists and art therapists, as well as elementary and preschool teachers to the world of children’s drawings analysis.

A popular speaker, Michal has given over 300 workshops and keynotes about children’s drawings analysis. She is often interviewed in TV shows, magazines and newspapers for insights about parenting through children’s drawings. Michal manages a national forum about children’s drawings analysis, providing parental guidance based on drawings. She is part of a “Super Nanny” team of experts, which specializes in supporting families with complex parental issues. Finally, she also provides written expertise to courts of law, based on analysis of children’s drawings, mainly in the context of family abuse and children at risk.

Michal runs a private clinic for treating children, adolescents and adults. She also works as an art therapist in psychiatric hospitals and mental health clinics. Recently, she has founded the Children’s Drawing’s Center website. Her therapeutic strategy is deeply influenced by the classic psychoanalytic approaches of S. Freud and J. Lacan. Michal is married with three children.

“When working with families, it is essential to provide parents with as many tools and methods as possible to enable them to strengthen their children and thus improve the general atmosphere at home. Getting the parents to be better aware of their child’s condition using his drawings is about 70% of the way to success. I strongly believe that through drawings it is possible to reveal the source of children’s emotional difficulties, as well as the optimal solution “.